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Evelyn basketball wives nude pics

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Thank God we have a beautiful, intelligent and respectable First Lady to show the world that we are not all ghetto gold diggers that will sell our souls for some fake glamour and fame, or should I say infamy. Kelly Rowland, Donald Glover, T.

I was moved by Tammi's act of remorse on Wendy Williams show but she continues to encourage Evelyn's disgraceful behavior. Sexy mexican milf porn. I believe Tami would have done it, but I guess the producers knew the show couldn't survive if anyone got killed.

The producers showed the bad parts cuz that's what all you haters want to see. Evelyn basketball wives nude pics. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Retrieved 12 August Punk ass bitches for real!!! You both made yourself look like fools, and Jennifer keep rising and keeping it Grown Folks Style. I can't really speak on it because there's still an investigation, but I can say it became bigger than those pictures.

There's no doubt in my mind that Matt loves Gloria, I just think temptation is too great, especially in a city like Miami. You don't want to fight anyone that will fight back. Evelyn, is a real Whore! God forbid if any of your children are being bullied or abuse and people sit and don't say anything. Why, because I left my relationship and opened up my own business?

Evelyn basketball wives nude pics

Put your cloths back on a shut the hell up you hypocrites. I wouldn't say we're percent but we are cordial. Big ass milf dildo. Friends don't do that to friends.

I'm anxious to see your relationship with Ochocinco and his kids. You would think they have been inspired by our First Lady O. Keisha sat right there in Tahiti and told Tami, if everybody could hear her over Tami's loud voice, that she could have went off on Tami, but she chose not to. Evelyn and Tami live their life focused on what people say about them. Chad Johnson will probably cry when he sees that picture because he will think about what he HAD and lost because of his own stupidity!!

U all r readin to much in to this. Shaunie, not one time did you say Evelyn you are wrong for the bottle, tammi put the purse back on the chair and leave, you sat there. He is a great guy as far as their children and their family, though. New York Daily News. They did nothing but keep it real. So let us know, who rocked the PETA campaign better?

I loved watching these women. Mona singh nude pics. Some of you people need to get a life.

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Evelyn you just need your butt kicked.

Freinds don't do that to friends. Naked people eating. Basketball Wives Livin' Lozada. A long time fur enthusiast, Lozada says she joined the campaign after watching a video depicting the mistreatment of animals in order to get their fur and she says she is cleaning out her closet of any fur she owned.

Tami and Evelyn are the only two women on that show that literally has had beef with everybody except for Shaunie. Evelyn basketball wives nude pics. Royce told her that she wanted to hear both sides, that's why she was talking with Tami as well. Tami why you didn't pop off at the mouth when Evelyn told Kenya her weave starting to look like yours? Kenya cut out the two faced crop and stop taking off your shoes to fight. After working all day in a white male dominated corporate field, it felt great to come home on a monday night and watch these women be silly, be fly, be strong, and simply tell it like it is.

Keisha sat right there in Tahiti and told Tami, if everybody could hear her over Tami's loud voice, that she could have went off on Tami, but she chose not to. I also believe ou shaunie and the producers knew that girl was gonna smack Jennifer cause she had no business being there, she was the non factor and had no signed contract stating she was covered. She seems to be the type of person that tries to stay calm. I got engaged in Miami but I also feel like I lost my fiance in Miami.

Keisha is always wanting to throw rocks then hide her hands. Nude wardrobe malfunction pics. Well, well now because they have had so much back lash in regards to their behavior now they want to act cival because now they are being called out, a little to late for the change of heart, if no one ever pushed the envolope on their behavior they would still be ignorant woman of color who would continue with this ugly behavior, and Shaunie to act like OMG this behavior of these women is making me ill get real you are the BIGGEST BULLY of all get out and call the police you are as FAKE as that awful makeup and hair and wardrobe, you look like someones Grandma.

Like I said just for tv! AP 1 of Do you know why? You make all woman of color look bad and TAMMI you are a joke because as soon as this reunion show is over and the cameras are off you will still be the same old bitch in the foodstamp line and being just as ignorant as you have ever been, get real, and EVELYN you want everyone to feel sorry for you so you can get you show on back in the lineup, you not fooling anyone, but yourself so you talk about being real be real, you are a BULLY and that part of you will never change.

Peace, be feerless my sistas: Your ex-fiance Antoine Walker told you about the nude photos? I have not heard anything Jennifer has said about you to make you upset One more thing u know this shit is for tv cause if they was real with it why u don't hear bout them on the tv news or in the paper or on the radio actin like that in the resteraunt or clubs or any were there r no cameras.

Retrieved 12 August We have all been angry and reacted sometimes the way the ladies of BBW did.

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And as for Shaunie, the new adult and mature you, please explain why you still mistreat Royce. Retrieved March 23, Cause why would u thing they would act any others way they was like that 3 shows b for u got there.

Apr 22 by Natasha.

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