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She tries spending time with Drew, and receives some advice from Big Dee Dee. Phyllis announces that she has been seeing someone for the past month.

She is bringing many of her own associates along, so she begins conducting interviews to see which employees will get to keep their jobs. Cum shots into pussy. Mona follows her advice and re-possesses Spencer's new jacket and shoes. He tells her that he has gotten treatment for his problem, and asks to start seeing her again.

Dee Dee accuses her of being paranoid, but soon discovers that Mona has reason to be wary, as Roland is living out of his car. Essence atkins nude fakes. Spencer buys a gigantic new truck that soon leaves him financially strapped because he can't afford gas.

Mona struggles to come up with a way to handle the situation without hurting Zora's feelings. Mona is very nervous, as she has never met the parents of any of her boyfriends. After Dee Dee loses her old room to the baby and Big Dee Dee misses several appointments, Dee Dee begins to worry that the baby is forcing her out of her parents' life.

However, the relationship soon fizzles, and the professor seeks revenge against Phyllis by turning her in for having too many cats. Mona worries that they will not be able to maintain their friendship. Milf fat porn. Dee Dee is furious to discover that Mona has become friends with Dee Dee's rival, Stephanie Seymour, after meeting her through a work event. Neil calls Dee Dee and asks to come over and speak with her. Dee Dee has difficulty preparing her law school valedictory speech because she is uneasy about the fact that she doesn't have a post-graduation job lined up.

Photos via Alberto E. Meanwhile, Spencer discovers that being attached has suddenly made him virtually irresistible to other women. After a night on the dance floor, where Mona displays her lack of rhythm, Miles breaks up with her for not being "black enough. She is relieved when Big Dee Dee shows up, although she has actually forgotten Mona's birthday and is just there to see Dee Dee. Meanwhile, Spencer continually cancels on Mona because of plans with Camille. Meanwhile, Dee Dee pushes Mona to be more honest with their father about her frustration over his limited involvement in her life.

They don't seem educated nor wise. Phyllis quickly pushes him to ask her out, and they agree to a date. Dee Dee does some thorough research and finds Mona a seemingly perfect guy, James, and the two get along well enough to set up a second date.

After hiding the relationship for a month, Dee Dee reluctantly introduces Carter to her parents. Brazilian milf sex videos. Mona tries to comfort Dee Dee after Carter appears on a talk show and says that he is seeing someone. Mona believes they should stay out of the situation to avoid causing further harm; but Dee Dee insists on taking in the devastated Neil when he shows up on her doorstep. Zora mistakes Mona's efforts to boost her confidence for romantic interest and develops feelings for her. Phyllis eagerly tries to set him up with Mona, but the man winds up being attracted to Phyllis.

Then the couple made the "big announcement" Jackee looks like an old church lady, swinging her purse like that. The series is set in San Francisco.

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However, Ray arrives at the gathering unexpectedly.

Neil calls Dee Dee and asks to come over and speak with her. Black girls with shaved pussy. That's precisely why I stopped watching Wendy's Incredible Hulk looking ass. Mona decides to date both Chase and Lorenzo, until they want her to make a decision.

Before she gets around to it, Big Dee Dee admits to her own anxieties about the child's birth, and thanks Dee Dee for her support. Phyllis and Big Dee Dee treat the whole thing as a personal competition. Earl is handsome, sweet and romantic, and leaves everyone including Big Dee Dee sufficiently impressed. Dee Dee is smitten with her new beau, but the romance sours when she learns that he and Mona dated in high school.

In an attempt to win Mona's respect and stop living off her father's largesse, Dee Dee takes a job as a waitress. However, Dee Dee's words come back to haunt her when her sister refuses to listen to a demo by Dee Dee's handsome and influential new boyfriend. After another failed relationship, Mona decides to focus on her career for a while.

Spencer tries to cheer Adam and convince him to set some goals for himself. Meanwhile, Big Dee Dee plans a lavish month "birthday" party for Drew in the hopes of showing up her friends. Essence atkins nude fakes. Hot girls full naked. The earthquake also traps Dee Dee, Adam and Spencer in an upscale store as they shop for Mona's gift.

When Dee Dee becomes frustrated with Neil because he does not seem interested in getting intimate, he divulges that he is celibate. They really are in love. She winds up playing second fiddle to Coco in a dog food commercial.

While Mona struggles to find work after poisoning her reputation in the record industry, the reporter whose article got her fired tries to make amends and sets up a meeting for Mona to plead her case to Big Phat Slim Jim, the artist she disparaged, in hopes of getting her old job back.

However, Dee Dee believes she has lost her chance after Big Dee Dee who had to finance the play to ensure she could star in it gets Max's beau fired because she fears he will take attention away from her. After Dee Dee learns that her mother's co-star in a new play is engaged to Dee Dee's idol, esteemed attorney Maxine Shaw, Dee Dee sees an opportunity to atone for a bad interview she once had with the woman.

When audience members laughed at him about making the gym comment, Tamar snapped "Don't do that. Views Read Edit View history.

Meanwhile, Dee Dee unwittingly reveals that Phyllis lied to Mona about things that have shaped her worldview since she was young; and as a birthday gift, Phyllis finally tells Mona the truth. However, she soon becomes extremely bored. Great look for her. Sexy hawaiian hula girl. She finally admits that she is desperately homesick and has decided to move back to England. Meanwhile, Mona leads Dee Dee and Spencer to believe she is still dating Brian the exterminator although he hasn't called her after their very hot date.

The gals' already tenuous friendship spirals toward dissolution when Dee Dee celebrates the end of her school year by hosting a raucous celebration that keeps Mona awake all night.

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Marla and Jackee had a "" reunion and posed with executive producer Carolyn Folks. A bored and desperate Dee Dee puts on a show for an apparent peeping tom in the building across the street from her apartment.

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They agree to do the "mature" thing and stop dating Ron, but each keeps seeing him behind the other's back. She tries to use the heat to her advantage in an attempt to win back Neil, while Mona urges her to just move on.

They share a picnic lunch and have a revealing talk about their relationship. Dee Dee takes a pregnancy test, although Mona feels that she might be overreacting her period is only a day late. College big natural tits. Sexy naked strippers Meanwhile, Big Dee Dee gets in touch with her agent so that she can resume her acting career. Essence atkins nude fakes. Mona and Dee Dee try to break the news to Phyllis, and are stunned to discover that she already knew that Earl is married. Jackee looks like an old church lady, swinging her purse like that.

Camille sets up Mona on a date with her best friend, the handsome and engaging Carlo, whom she hasn't seen for many years. Mona's music-video shoot for a rapper may end in disaster when he refuses to leave the dressing room until he meets Dee Dee. Meanwhile, Dee Dee utilizes her law school knowledge to try to get the story retracted. While Mona is pleased with the rapper's newfound enthusiasm for the shoot, she soon begins to worry that he's using Dee Dee.

Mona goes against her initial instincts and decides to attend her ten-year high school reunion, where her professional accomplishments cannot protect her from the cruel comments of a pair of former cheerleaders. A panicked Dee Dee turns to Mona for help.

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