The principal of Farr View Consulting is Dr. Wm. Farrand.  Dr. Farrand is a geoscientist with over 25 years of experience working with multi- and hyperspectral data for a variety of application areas.

Farr View Consulting

This website describes Farr View Consulting, a consulting group led by Dr. Wm. Farrand, for multi- and hyperspectral remote sensing data analysis.

Multi- Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

Multi- and hyperspectral sensors measure energy reflected or emitted from the Earth or planetary surfaces in a small number to 100s of spectral channels. This data can be used to map and/or identify Earth surface materials.


Dr. Farrand can be contracted for: instructional workshops on multi- or hyperspectral remote sensing; consulting on data analysis projects; and public speaking engagements on planetary exploration.